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Blue Ribbon: SoHo, NYC

Hadn’t been back in years, but glad we stopped by while visiting the old “hood.” BR is one of those place where you don’t come solely for the ambiance, but more so for the food. To start we had a delectable, yet nontraditional version of escargot crafted with mushroom, carrot and out of the shell escargot in a red wine reduction sauce. Absolutely delicious. The bone marrow is a must and believe it or not it a lite bite even though it looks massive.

For our main course we should have shared (it’s big enough for 4), however CD was adamant about consuming this one on his own. He tried hard, but sadly came out short. SD on the other hand devoured the sweet & spicy catfish. Mmmm what a treat. CD appreciated the boneless factor, while SD enjoyed the Cajun twist.

Overall, this was a delicious dining experience. The service was friendly, the music was good and the food was awesome! We’ll definitely revisit.

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