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1500 Degrees @ Eden Roc: Miami Beach, FL

We were debating on whether to give this place a shot or to stay closer to home and play it safe. Let me tell you it was more than worth the trip into Miami Beach!

After ordering cocktails we salivated over the enticing menu. Having difficulty narrowing our choices we opted for 3 starters and shared an entrée and dessert. We figured we’d create our own 5-course tasting menu!

We LOVED the pork belly tacos with homemade kimchee and the tender grilled beef kabob with yogurt and lime sauce. In fact, SaraDISH is still fantasizing about her next encounter with the incredibly tasty and perfectly crispy taco! The spicy baked meatballs were ok. CD devoured the 16oz Kansas City Strip Steak with a side of shishito peppers. It was amazing and we highly recommend ordering a side of the homemade blue cheese sauce!

The dessert menu was so tempting that we opted for the sticky banana toffee cake. It was ok. The German ice wine was a perfect way to end our heavenly dining extravaganza!

We highly recommend dining at 1500 Degrees and pleasuring your palate with Chef Paula DaSilva culinary innovations.

SaraDISH Rating:

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