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Ristorante al Cristo: Verona, Italy

Prior to our departure we had an amazing lunch with friends at Cristo. Words cannot begin to describe how incredible this restaurant is. From its impressive wine list to its enticing pasta and seafood selections, Cristo is now definitely one of our all-time favorite restaurants.

For lunch we enjoyed the massive plate of grilled Sicilian prawns, which was pure heaven. So sweet and delectable. Definitely worth devouring with both hands. Yes, it’s that finger-licking-good.

Made with only olive oil and cherry tomatoes, the spaghetti with mixed seafood was prepared to perfection. This is one of those dishes that you’re determined to finish, even though the buttons on your pants are warning you not to. The leeks soufflé with parmigiano cream and crispy cinta senese ham was a rich and decadent treat. The homemade ravioli with goat cheese and crunchy asparagus is also a delicious dish that was cooked to perfection.  The paccheri with porcini and braised meat was also another equally delectable dish.

Basically, we LOVED every dish we ordered. We enjoyed a robust bottle of 1988 Gaja. From the company to the feast, it was truly a blissful dining experience.

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