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If you can find your way into Compose it is well worth the wait!

To start we enjoyed a bottle of Heitz Cellar Cabernet 2005 with a delicious assortment of cheese and charcuterie. Chef Nick Curtin’s selection of domestic cheese (goat Kunik, VT ~ cheddar/blue Dunbarton, WI ~ funky Red Hawn, CA) was paired perfectly not only with our wine, but also with the  Wild Boar Prosciutto, Smoked Duck Breast and Spanish Lomo

Next we were pleasantly surprised with how deliciously unique the crispy poached egg yolk and cheesesteak was… We then devoured the scallops with bacon

Finally, we enjoyed the lemon cheesecake tart, followed by a salty, yet sweetly chilled heavenly surprise from the Chef!

Overall: Great service, exceptional cuisine! Can’t wait to go back for the 10-course tasting!

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