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The Bear Cafe: Bearsville, NY

Yes, there is in fact a Bearsville located Upstate next to Woodstock! And yes every bar, restaurant and retailer is named after the town, if you can “bear” it…

The Bear Cafe came highly recommended so we couldn’t “bear” to pass it up. We made a reservation and “bearly” got in. Apparently this is the happening spot in Bearsville The food was good. The service, however, could “bearly” stand us City folk, so they just grinned and “beared” it! 

This evening we enjoyed the Grilled Scottish King Salmon with chili lime BBQ glaze, the Pan-Asian Seafood Salad and the Roasted Whole Red Snapper Vera Cruz style. They weren’t kidding, we got the whole snapper, glazed eyes and all!

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