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The Shop @ The Andaz 5th Avenue: Bryant Park, NYC

The SaraDISH family evacuated north to the high lands of midtown to take shelter from the furious wrath of Irene! To comfort ourselves from the trauma of temporarily residing above 14th Street, we attempted to drown our sorrows with endless Bloody Mary’s, however due to the state of emergency the vodka ration ran out prior to our arrival. At least the farm-themed brunch was still available!

Today we had the Open-faced Omelet with basil, parmesan, arugula & vine-ripened tomatoes, the Chicken Schnitzel with organic Hudson Valley greens & lemon and the 3 egg omelet with Hudson red cow’s milk cheese, roasted tomatoes and greens

The best part of our meal was taking refuge from the torrential down pour in an open and operating establishment. Oh, the bread was rather comforting as well. Unfortunately, after about an hour our stomachs’ regretted dining here out of desperation

SaraDISH Rating: 2 Stars

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